Bonus insights from temping

Just adding a short epilogue to my last post, or extra evidence for the point I was making there that your hard work will be appreciated outside of academia.

I got an email today from my temp agent with a letter attached from my supervisor at the company I had worked for last week. Basically, my supervisor had taken it upon hirself to write me a reference letter, and made it clear in the letter that zie was volunteering hirself as a professional reference for me in the future. Zie also said other various nice things. All because I was a speedy data-enterer.

My agent was quite pleased. There were problems with one of the other temps on the assignment, who provided a lesson in Things Not to Do while on Your Temp Assignment (i.e. watching YouTube videos, abruptly leaving the assignment after finishing hir work without checking in with anyone to see if zie could do something else, and, bizarrely enough, without even getting hir timesheet signed so zie could get paid), so I probably benefitted from the contrast there. My agent wrote that zie was giving me the temp of the month award. At first I thought that this was supposed to be some kind of amusing/cruel joke, but I learned when I called hir up to discuss my availability for next week that not only is this a real thing, but it comes with a bonus in cold hard cash. Ok, I’ll take that!

So clearly I am going places with my mad data-entry skills and prestigious temp agency awards. Lolz. I am sure I got lucky with this first assignment, in that I had nice people supervising me – I’ve read enough horror stories on the interwebs to know that all is not rosy in the NYC temp world (or probably any part of the temp world). But still, it was some much needed affirmation for me as I am trying to convince myself that I am not going to end up living in a box somewhere due to my chronic unemployability.

I’ll be back with a longer post about academic stuff in the next few days – I’ve finally found a job I am going to apply for, and so I’ve been trying to write a cover letter all day. Unfortunately, I seem to be approaching this resume-revising and cover letter-writing thing in the same way I did seminar papers – with fear and loathing – and with the same kind of avoidance tactics – surfing the web. Eventually I worked out a paper-writing system that made the process go more smoothly, so hopefully I will figure out something similar for job applications. In any case, I scheduled myself a meeting with a career counselor at my university tomorrow morning to help me revise my resume and cover letter for this job so – I should probably have a cover letter draft to bring along with me!


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